What are the most popular varieties of wine?

With the many different types of wine available all over the world, it is useful to have an understanding of the most popular ones to help pick a variety suites your individual taste and setting.

Let us start with some popular white wines:


It is known world over as one of the most famous of the white wines. The most exquisite types of Chardonnay have a buttery texture and are oak-aged to provide a silky mouth feel. This wine comes in various flavors of crispy fruits, such as pears and apples, combined with a delicious array of aromas of citrus and accompanied by subtle hints of vanilla and spice.

To have the perfect pairing, take Chardonnay wine alongside a delicious chicken dish or with a creamy sauce.


This outstanding white wine from Germany is another great option you should try out to understand where it performs best. The wine originates from Rhine Valley in Germany. When the drink hits your tongue, it tastes sweet and acidic at first but before it rolls down your throat, it balances the flavor with a hint of honey.

To enjoy it better, you can pair it with rich flavored delicacies such as pork. If you enjoy spices, you can also take Riesling alongside one of the spicy dishes to balance it out.

Pinot Grigio

The white wine is widely known as a quintessential Italian drink. If you enjoy light dry wines, then this is the wine for you. The wine has a refreshing flavor of crispy fruits, such as pears and apples. Another version of the wine resulting from a different cultivation method produces medium-bodied wines with floral aromas and slight hints of minerality. This wine version is referred to as Pinot Gris.

Both versions of the Pinot white wine go well with seafood. Shellfish, in particular, provides an unbeatable pairing with the wine.

Sauvignon Blanc

This is another white wine that is light and dry. Sauvignon Blanc wine has a crispy citrus flavor that is accompanied by a grassy whiff. The wine is even richer when aged in oak and benefits greatly from the process.

Most people agree that Sauvignon Blanc tastes amazing when taken with vegetables or grilled chicken, but is ideally suited to be paired with seafood. It pairs perfectly with shellfish and scallops.

Here are some great red wines:

Cabernet Sauvignon

Popularly known as Napa Valley’s gem, this red wine comes full bodied and is both robust and rich. Most wine professionals age the wine in French oak to give it the flavor of dark fruits that are combined with spices. Cabernet Sauvignon is also known for its traditional earthy aromas.

If you are setting up your table for a dinner date, consider ordering this red wine alongside a red meat meal. They complement each other wonderfully and with it, you are sure to enjoy the juicy steak alongside your juicy wine.

Pinot Noir

This light red wine is medium bodied and is made from grapes that grow in colder climate regions. Not only is Pinot Noir smooth and fruity in flavor, but it also has a rich aroma of red fruits, mostly cherries. Containing a hint of spice and earthiness, the wine will make you relax on a lovely evening due to its lingering long finish.

If you are a hunter, be sure to carry a Pinot Noir bottle on your next hunting trip – it is thought best served with wild game meat.


This rich bold red wine contains slight notes of spice, dark fruits, and pepper. The wine has existed for quite a long time, and has developed two distinct versions over time. The Old World version was developed to be bold and spicy, while its Australian version is sweeter with a jammy feel.

The two versions of the wine are known to be complexly rich in different flavors of fruit. To enjoy this great ancient wine, take it alongside hearty meals, such as dishes rich in meat.


Apart from being one of the leading variety in Bordeaux, Merlot has gained a lot of favor in the western region of America. The red wine is similar to the Cabernet Sauvignon wine varieties with the only difference being that it is much more fruity.

An exquisite Merlot wine contains flavors and whiffs of red fruits mixed with smooth tannins, vanilla, and spice to give it a unique taste that confirms the wine is oak-aged.

The great thing with Merlot wine is that you can enjoy it with a wide range of different foods. Enjoy the wine with a great chunky hamburger for a fabulous taste. If you are more into luxurious delicacies, then go you can enjoy a glass of Merlot with duck or lamb meat for an exotic complimentary taste.