How to store wine (unopened and opened)

Wine is a wonderful beverage to consume, however, most of us cannot drink a whole bottle at once. Also, many of us may receive wine as a present and do not know how to store it, even if it is unopened. We may want to open a bottle just to have a glass or two. This leaves many of us with the difficult question of how do we store the leftover wine? We are stuck trying to figure out the best way to store it and how long to store it for. If you have opened wine or even unopened wine, here are some suggestions about how to store it for future use.

1) Recork It

The best way to help preserve your leftover wine is to recork it the right way. Once you open a bottle of wine, the cork will expand when it is exposed to the air. It may seem impossible to fit the cork back into the bottle, but it is possible. Remember to put the stained side of the cork back into the bottle. Even though it is likely easier to get the clean side into the bottle, do not do this. This could release different particles into the wine itself and leave it tasting a little off.

2) Refrigerate It

Another great way to help store wine is to refrigerate it. Even if the wine you just consumed was not cold, if you have leftovers, it is always best to place it back in the refrigerator. Keeping the wine cool can help slow down the process of the wine breaking down.

3) Don’t Actually Open The Bottle

If you have a high dollar bottle of wine and are looking to celebrate a special occasion, you can pour yourself a glass of wine without uncorking the entire bottle. To do this, you can use a Coravin. This device inserts a needle into the cork and allows you to pour out the wine. It then uses argon gas to keep the wine from exposed air. Once you have drunk what you wanted, you can remove the needle and the cork will seal itself. This will help ensure that your wine stays fresh.

If you have received a high dollar bottle of wine and are not quite ready to open it, you may be stuck trying to figure out the best way to store it. While most of us are not fortunate enough to have a wine cellar in our homes, there are some things you can do to help preserve a bottle of wine. Most high-quality wines can stay good indefinite if they are stored properly. Most experts recommend drinking wine within the first five years of production to help ensure flavor and a fresh taste. If you are unable to drink the bottle of wine right away, you should use these tips to help you maintain the freshness of unopened bottles of wine.

1) Store On Side

If you are storing an unopened bottle of wine, it is best to keep the wine on its side. While many people would think to display their wine upright, this can actually reduce the flavor of the wine. If you store wine upright, the cork will naturally be exposed to a small amount of air. If the cork dries out, it will release air into the bottle and may cause your wine to go bad.

By laying the bottle on its side, you are ensuring that the wine is able to reach the cork. This keeps the wine in the cork and helps keep the cork from getting hard due to air.

2) Store in Dark, Cold Areas

You should try to store unopened wine in a dark and cool place. Any area of your home that resembles a wine cellar can help you store wine properly. Try storing it in a basement or other area underground that is not exposed to the sun and the warm, summer weather. This can help increase the lifespan of your wine.

While wine is always a great drink, it may be a drink for special occasions. If you do not drink frequently and are often left with unopened or opened bottles of wine, these tips can help you preserve the overall quality and freshness of your wine. To help reduce the amount of wine you need to save, you may also want to invite family and friends over to help you celebrate all of the milestones and accomplishments in your life.