How to choose the proper glassware for your wine

As a wine lover, you should know that the kind of glassware you use matters a great deal. For instance, you can’t just pour wine into the normal water glass or into a cup if you want a full experience. Without the proper glassware, wine will lose its full potential sophistication, aromas, and flavor.

When shopping for wine glassware, here are some things that you need to keep in mind:

The shape of the bowl

The width of the bowl determines the surface area of the wineglass, which means it also determines the amount of wine exposed to air. The bowl will also determine the amount of the wine’s aroma that your nose will experience as you drink the wine. Glasses that have a wide bowl cause more of the wine’s aroma potential to reach your nose. On the other hand, glasses that have a narrower bowl expose less surface of the wine, implying that fewer aromas reach your nose.

In case you are confused when buying glassware and do not know which one to pick, go for a medium shaped wine glass. It is all-purpose and can be used for red wine or white wine, though is not ideal for either.

For red wines, choose glasses with wide bowls

Red wines are known to have greater aromas and bolder flavors as compared to their white counterparts. For this reason, select glasses with wider bowls for red wines so that you can enjoy the full aroma of the exquisite liquid as you drink it. A wide bowl will also ensure the wine is aerated as you prepare to enjoy it, thereby releasing more of its flavor.

Select glasses with narrow bowls for white wines

White wines require narrower bowls because of their delicate aromas and gentle flavors. With a narrow bowl, the wine will channel its flavor and aroma directly to your nose as you drink it vs dispersing it to the air around you. Since a narrow bowl exposes less surface area of the white wine, the wine will also have minimum exposure to air, which will significantly help preserve the chillness of the wine as you savor it.

Go for glasses with a narrow flute for sparkling wines

One great thing about sparkling wine is the mouthful of unending cascading bubbles. Unfortunately, sparkling wine may lose those lively bubbles if it is exposed to oxygen for too long a long time.

The glasses with long narrow flute-like bowls, therefore, are the more appropriate for sparkling wine because they help to preserve the effervescence reaction by exposing less surface of the wine to air. To enjoy the beautiful bubbles as you enjoy your sparkling drink, therefore, be sure to get narrow flute glasses.

The stem of the glass

Some wine glasses have stems while others come without the stem. You can drink most wines in either glass, so the decision here mostly depends on your personal preference. Note, however, that when you drink from a glass without a stem, you hold a large part of the glass in your hand. This causes the warmth of your hand to alter the temperature of the wine within the glass. If your wine was served chill in a stemless glass, you will notice that after a short while, your drink will begin warm up too quickly. In particular, it is not advisable to drink white wine in stemless glasses because chillness is what gives the white wine its edge.

If you have no problem with the temperature of your wine, whether red or white, then go ahead and select the stemless glass. This type of glass can be ideal in a home environment, especially in an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation, but can definitely alter the characteristics of white wines.

Stemless glasses are also more stable as compared to the wineglasses that come with long narrow stems. As a result, they will tend to have a longer lifespan as they are harder to knock them over. Glassware matters, be sure to pick the right one for the right wine and take in all it has to offer.