Best iphone apps for wine drinkers

Wine is classic. It’s something that you wouldn’t expect to grow, evolve and change over time. Yet, like any industry, it has evolved considerably over the past decade. Perhaps nowhere is that more obvious than in terms of the way that wine has become an “app-friendly” industry, with many apps becoming more and more popular for wine drinkers. Here’s a look at some of the best iPhone apps for wine drinkers.


This app – which is free – is absurdly useful. Let’s say you are walking at the wine store and come across a wine that you are interested in purchasing. Using delectable, you can scan a copy of its label. This will reveal a huge array of information about the wine, including a description, information, notes, and reviews from other wine users. You, of course, can then use the app to leave your own reviews about the wine that you are purchasing. Furthermore, the app has numerous other sections, including the ability to keep track of your own ratings, make recommendations to friends, and learn more about wine from expert sommeliers that also use the app. It is very highly rated on the Apple store, earning 4.7 out of 5 stars.


Banquet comes from Delectable, and it has a slightly different purpose. Whereas Delectable helps you confirm if you may like a certain wine, Banquet will actually let you buy it! It gives users access to more than 20,000 independent wine stores, thus allowing you to make a purchase. You can search for wine based on a variety of criteria, then use Apple Pay to actually pay for the wine.

Cellar Tracker

Cellar Tracker operates in a somewhat similar fashion to Delectable, but with a more inventory-centered touch. Its page on the Apple store boasts that it allows users to review information on more than 2.1 million bottles of wine. Using the app, you can also create your own digital inventory of the wine that you have on hand. You can then create your own notes about your wine inventory and the wine you have consumed, thus enabling you to easily track your own wine.


Vivino takes many of the features of the apps above and merges them into one convenient location. It has an enormous library of over 11.9 million wines. Users can then review these wines for their own edification, determining what wines they may like. They can also scan labels and figure out if a wine that they have purchased may be right for them, based on the feedback from a variety of reviewers.  The app is extremely highly rated, with more than 67,000 ratings and an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

These are just four apps, but there are dozens out there, with more becoming available on an almost daily basis. Make sure to check out the app store and find an app that might work for you. As you can hopefully now understand, there are plenty of apps that can really enhance your wine drinking experience.